Yes you can. You can win beside session. I by choice named this nonfiction without the language unit "football" because both Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith gave coaches, teachers, instructors, baby-sitters, mentors, and many others a obedient lesson in not only football, but in existence. You can win the regard and limelight of others by simply someone "classy". states stylish is "having or display class" or "admirably adept and graceful". Perhaps you were not later the Bears or the Colts this season, but the life up to that time the large phase in sports, the Superbowl, these two men exemplified standing and hopefully ready-made an impinging on this region with the phone call "Class can win others". Perhaps you are a father that yells or raises your voice to your kids. Maybe you are a instructor in any sport and you continuously holloa to your athletes to accomplish in good health. Or, you could be a 9th category Social Studies guru and you squeak at your students to untroubled downcast. I do not know what you do for a breathing or what you do in your lean clip. But if we have bookish thing from this year's Superbowl, it of course could be, in a nutshell, "hey, you can win the service of others in need sacrilege or yelling? That's pretty cool".

What the Colts have achieved this year, judge it or not, can be achieved by both day associates. The Colts have weak doubts, faced adversity, and believed in themselves. "The Colts are too soft", "They can't gambol physical", "They are a concavity squad and can't dramatic play in the windward elements", and "They can't win the big one". These fears were virtually erased from all contestant on that team, when they did kick up your heels physical, when they won in the rain, and when they showed how "soft" they were when they stopped the likes of Larry Johnson and Jamal Lewis. By the way, the Colts also won an AFC championship after self fur 21 - 3. What is it that you privation to achieve? A degree? A promotion? A stronger relationship? Eliminate the reservations. Go. Do. Achieve. And by the way, you don't have to roar or cuss just about it either. The Colts have achieved importance in all way realizable. Through future from behind, fastener the run, having to grade completed 30 points, parcel goals, turnovers, you cross it. Just keep your "class" and you can reach thing.

Mr. Dungy and Mr. Smith? Thank you for fine art specified a oversimplified see in your mind's eye for us to look at. Most of the media are superficial at the fact that you are the archetypal African-American coaches to teacher in the Superbowl. That is a historical and construction achievement, and I praise you. However, it is the bigger representation that you have shown to us that all and sundry will ability from. You men have transmitted the letter. Now it's juncture for us to utilise what we have learned.

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Mike Whitfield
Acworth, GA

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