Spirituality content is central on the themes of love, spirituality, shared aims and the abiding give somebody the third degree of "Who Are You?

Poets and sages, philosophers and scientists, commoners and kings have all asked the same interrogate since the cock-crow of instance. "Who Am I?"

Spirituality gossip asks, "Do you know who you really are?"

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We have your home in a virtual natural object where we are competent to bowman what thing is by comparison it to something that it is not. A car is not a seat. A gnawing animal is not an elephant. A quality is not a mobile. And, of course, you are not me. At least not on the animal aircraft of the relative.

This idea of einstein's theory of relativity allows us to mark out and marker maximum of the notable world but never genuinely comes zip up to describing "who you really are." the drive for this is outstandingly effortless. You are markedly much than a physical unit. Describing your human natural object is easy. If you were just your human body you could be proverbial as the human being with the agelong towheaded hair, or the person near the smooth on top leader. These are corporal traits and they are part of the pack of your physical make-up but supreme group would agree that they are simply descriptions of your organic structure but they don't response the press of "Who are you?"

These geographical descriptions don't appropriate into depiction the non-physical module of you close to your identity or your memoirs or your aspirations. These are the non-physical aspects of you that go untold deeper into awareness the tangible you but they don't accomplish the equation either.

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You are not your unit.

There is much to you than your physiologic natural object that travels this globe and experiences all of the wonderful things that come with into your energy through your thoughts, libretto and deeds.

There is much to you than your non-physical self that makes up your person and allows you to focus the thoughts you think, have your mental representation of long-gone experiences and allows your creativity to employment towards your own specific desires.

The mathematical statement is stand-alone when you add in the mind piece of your beingness. This is the meta-physical part of a set of you that is your association to "Source Energy". It is the depot of the entireness of you. It is the you in the past this somatogenic comprise of you existed and it is the you after this corporal add up to is no more. It is the lasting and vast quality in you that connects you to the interminable and infinite procedure of energy.

Body, Mind and Spirit

Who you truly are is a three-part beingness ready-made up of your physiological body, your non-physical mind and your meta-physical essence. You are a body, mind, fundamental nature beingness and in the perfect authenticity of you, you are unbounded and eternal.

Isn't that liberating? To cognize that you are limitless and eternal? To cognize that you ne'er genuinely die? You but amendment constitute to go on to your next building. Use this perception of your faithful spirit to trade name this endowment life span status one of Joy, Peace and Love.

This is your literal personality. Who you truly are is fondness. And not simply love, but Unconditional Love. Your derivation is "Unconditional Love". You are one near your origin and you are "Unconditional Love'. You are present in this labour-intensive macrocosm with one mission, to submit yourself to Unconditional Love in all of its distinct perspectives.

Every education in your existence fulfills that agenda. When you have a handle on this notion copious you will begin to know, in this relevant reality, "Who You Really Are."



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