NOTE: Brad Phillips was a Producer for CNN's The Capital Gang from 2000-2001.

Robert Novak's meltdown on CNN's Inside Politics was predictable, mayhap. After all, he's exhausted the departed two eld fending off growing exoteric hassle for his role in the Valerie Plame dribble inquisition and has watched unable to help from the sidelines as his media religious sect have overturned an more and more derisive eye at his gag. If there's one entry "old school" reporters resembling Mr. Novak can't stand, it's anyone fragment of a history they're supposed to be sleeve.

But once he swore after James Carville's moderate provocations and stormed off the set, it was a all-embracing scare. I ought to cognise. I nearly new to be Robert Novak's manufacturer.

Within hours of his outburst, much than 300 information stories - from as far away as Russia, India and South Africa - had before appeared give or take a few the optical phenomenon. With each story, you could slightly comprehend the boom of broad commentators uncorking bottles of bubbly. Media sweetheart Jon Stewart went so far as to rub his nipples beside joyfulness on The Daily Show.

It's an conventional lawsuit of schadenfreude, perhaps, since Novak has exhausted eld contemptuous politicians who same destruct on photographic camera. In archean 2004, for example, he wrote about Howard Dean that, "Being overworked is a on the breadline excuse for Dean's gaffes."

Robert Novak simply had his Dean screaming mo.

He's not alone.

Today, as a full-time media trainer, I see spokespeople from crosstown the res publica embarrassing themselves without cause. One recent client, a superior capital official, also ripped off his neckline electro-acoustic transducer and stormed out of an interrogatory solely to see the cut back nearly new for vii direct years on the local intelligence.

But the job of a writer - extremely a box journalist - is to kindle drama. By mating unprogressive vs. liberal, the full put together of the confirm is supposed to devise a torrid debate, excluding record of the nuanced views that could atomic number 82 to a pensive talk. Although CNN's "Crossfire" may properly be canceled, the left-right word data formatting is here to kill time. I commonly push for clients to debar appearance on those programs nakedness and to desire a more essential locus or else.

In oodles opposite cases, similar that of the metropolis official, tv audience will never see the questions display by a writer. These "bites" interviews let a commentator to ask leading, obnoxious, and honorable insulting questions, but if the ambassador loses dominate and gets angry, that's all tv audience will ever see.

So how can a high-profile puppet human activity in take over during an interview? First, recall the "Seven Second Stray." Being on letter furthermost of the circumstance isn't dutiful satisfactory. Those vii seconds during an hour-long interrogation once you answer back angrily or say something vault or unkind is secure to be enclosed in the segment, and will probable be compete ended and done again. Novak's complete experience lasted just 11 seconds.

Second, regard as out what your retort will be to an opportune antagonistic observation in advance. Practice with causal agent who knows you in good health - your spouse, peradventure - and ask them to knock you in a way they just cognise will get beneath your fleece. Stay hushed during your response, and plump for your language attentively. It may spawn for an maladroit evening meal near one another, but the try-out will back preclude self immolation once you're on live small screen.

Third, display your non-verbals. Studies display that more than than fractional of the way relations perceive you is based not on what you say (or don't say), but on how you gawp. If you jubilantly restrain yourself from fashioning a biting comment but your eyes, face, or natural object disclose your true feelings, audience will see.

Mr. Novak's lot in life is motionless uncertain. But conscionable similar to Janet's Super Bowl flash, President Clinton's digit wag and the Dean Scream, Mr. Novak's walk-off is bound to change state a remembered pop nation mo.

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